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Rescue Marker

WHERE TO USE (Suggested Procedures)

I. Total And Partial Evacuation Procedures: Fire - Bomb Threat - Gas Leak - Etc.

When occupants are evacuated from rooms, or designated areas, those doors must be closed and the REMAR unit set so as to display only one colour. 

Upon completion of evacuation, when rechecking the area, if a door displays two colours, the reason must be investigated because it is an indication that the area previously evacuated has been re-entered. If, for any reason, a person cannot be evacuated at that time, close the door but leave the REMAR displaying two colours. This is a signal that the room, or area, has not been totally evacuated.


II. Search Procedures For Wandering Residents And General Security Checks: 

All doors, of areas to be closed and secured, must be shut with the REMAR set displaying only one colour. If any door displays two colours, this means the room or the area has either been entered or exited. Therefore, it is imperative to investigate the reason. When a location has been searched, the searcher must close the door upon leaving the area and reset the REMAR to display only one colour.


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